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Next Level Fluid Storage

Minion Tanks are a revolutionary alternative to traditional large-volume fluid storage.

Just a few of these efficient, cost effective water storage servants can dramatically increase your profit potential while noticeably reducing your environmental impact. The Minion Tank requires significantly less lease space and can be easily placed around the edges  and corners of your job site. The reusable, sealed inner bladder prevents evaporation and radiant heat loss and is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional disposable liners. The "second generation" versitile bladder design allows for top filling and recirculation options.

Cost Savings
  • Gravity-fed = no expensive pumping equipment needed


  • Greatly reduced truck traffic so less safety exposure and happier neighbors

  • Decreased manpower requirements means less safety exposure and reduced labor costs

  • Less space required

  • No evaporation

  • Quick tank rig up and rig down

  • Manifold included

  • Increased hydrostatic pressure reduces transfer pump needs

  • Increased heat retention =lower heating costs

  • Reusable bladder

Minion Tank.jpg
Minion 2.jpg
Raising the Bar
  • Sealed, reusable fuel bladder (TPU highly resistant industrial material designed to store hydrocarbons)


  • Multi-port header and manifold configurable to customer requirements

  • Engineered and tested to withstand the harshest climates and operating parameters

  • Drilling to production ready tanks

  • Vertical design great for oil skimming and recycling applications

  • Higher transfer rates on fill and draw for most applications

  • Versatile refresh rates due to more usable fluid from vertical design

  • Exceptional manufacturing standard

More Usable Water
Minion Tanks usable water scale.jpg
  • Significantly more usable water and head pressure

  • Allows for lower flow rates to tank

  • Reduced risk, stress and pressure on pipelines

  • Easier operation with less manpower

  • Less piping and manifolds to connect

  • Bladder can be filled with air for testing purposes prior to filling with fluid

3600bbl Minion Transport 1 skid.jpg
Safe and Easy Deployment
  • Rapid set up and tear down performed with minimal manpower

  • Quick and efficient tank loading and unloading

  • Less truck loads required

  • Clean, compact, winch able skid packages

Environmental Responsibility
  • 100% enclosed bladder eliminates exposure - fluids and environment are contaminate free

  • Having a re-usable liner means no consumable costs and no liner disposal or recycling required

  • Reduced heating time and increased heat retention means less fuel consumed

  • No evaporation

  • Smaller footprint

  • Decreased truck traffic

Portfolio of Recent Minion Tank Projects

Let our team get the job done so you can do yours!

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